Propitiation of Sin

by | May 24, 2013 | Gospel Series

What does the word ‘Salvation’ mean to you, Christian? In the modern evangelical context of watery gospel, preachers only talk about what we are ‘saved to’. Saved to glory/heaven, saved to fulfillment, saved to a wonderful plan for your life, saved to an ice cream cone, whatever. But in the English context (and historical Biblical context), folks are not ‘saved to’, they are ‘saved from’. Saved from getting run over, saved from falling, saved from a defeat, saved from instant death, are but a few examples. When we receive good things, that is grace, not mercy.

The idea of propitiation has a double context. Not only are we saved from the wrath of God on us, Children of wrath, but we are given a vast store of the Father’s goodwill towards us in Christ. Not only are our sins forgiven, but we are righteous in the sight of God, in Christ. (Our nature being imputed to Christ, and His nature imputed to us.) Not only are we made at peace with God, but God is now ‘for us.’

Christ’s actions at the cross have reconciled us to God–placating His wrath–destroying the enmity of God towards us, and through the process of sanctification and glorification, breaking down our enmity towards God. So then, brothers, let us shod our feet with the readiness of the Gospel of peace, and live in its light.