The King’s Instructions

by | May 20, 2013 | Introductory Series

As soldiers on a mission, we haven’t been sent without our orders. In fact, the chief mandate has been derived from the paperwork with which we have been commissioned. You know, of course, that I speak of the scriptures.

In it’s original form, the Bible is Christ’s narrated word. Conceived by the Father, existing through Christ, and delivered by the Spirit, the very Words of God must not be taken lightly. I refer to all of scripture as the Torah, or God’s Law-Word. Scripture, being sufficient for all of life, primarily consists of doctrine (belief) and experience (action). In other words, what we must believe and what we must do. Faith and Obedience.

Our battle is between the truth and the lie. And we have the truth–start from the solid ground of Scripture, and your feet will not be shaken. Presuppose that truth is true and the lie is false, and you’ve laid the groundwork for a successful campaign, and can stay on the correct side of the conflict.

Carry on, follow the true standard.