A Man after God’s Own Heart

by | Sep 13, 2013 | Manhood Series

In his early life, David developed a rigorous righteousness that protected him in all kinds of bad situations. From his boyhood fighting with lions and bears, God protected him because David did what was right in God’s sight. When he was a young man, David fought God’s battles and God blessed him for it. Even when King Saul mounted a rigorous search-and-destroy mission for David, his careful holiness protected him from killing the Lord’s anointed. Because David’s obedience placed him in God’s circle of protection, he had nothing to fear.

However, later in life David was not so careful–he let his guard down. When the kings went out to war, David stayed home and relaxed. When he saw a beautiful women, he did not avert his gaze and challenge the lust of his heart, but sinned mightily against God, who had been so good to him for so many years. And after sinning, he lied and murdered to hide his guilt.

But God was there, God saw it. David’s kind heavenly father spared his life, but other consequences remained. After an uplifting story about the man after God’s own heart, a passionate and faithful agent of God in the world, the story of David becomes a bitter and painful one. Nearly everything that could go wrong did, from the sexual immorality of David’s sons, to their outright rebellion, and the rebellion of the whole people (as inferred in 2 Sam. 24).

The key to David’s early walk with God was his active, faithful obedience. He avoided every opportunity of evil, and concentrated his life on fighting the battles of the Lord. The trigger of David’s fall was sloth, laziness and selfishness. A little sleep, a little folding of the hands to rest, a little temporal fun, and sin was upon David like an armed man. But for the grace of God, David would have failed. But our God’s kindness never fails to bless His children.

Young man, if sin is knocking at your door, remember David. Flee the opportunities for sin, covenant with your eyes to turn from the pleasure of examining it. Understand that every honey-sweet word from sin is a bitter lie. Trust in God above all, and whenever you are under attack, run into His fort for relief. Find protection in the circle of Obedience. You can’t fight this one on your own. Run.