Last words & the self-existance of God

by | Jan 31, 2014 | Uncategorized

I had an odd dream one night–I was in bed dying, and time was frozen. Enough breath was left for a few words–what should they be? All the things to say, and what a conundrum. What would be my last words? At some point (whether asleep or awake, it doesn’t matter), I settled on one great truth: God is. Eccentric, yes. Morbid, not really–but it got me thinking.

God identifies himself as “I AM who I AM”, and establishes his character as self-existent. All things draw their beginning and their substance from Him. The Trinitarian union has no beginning, no end, no extent, and no lack. God IS.

All our hope, all our needs, all our purpose is bent on God’s nature. His love gives us hope, His glory gives us purpose, in His sovereignty He fulfills our needs; and His name, which He placed on us who are in Christ by the indwelling of the spirit, our identity. Everything that we are flows from Him.

How trivial our problems seem in light of His greatness! How foolish our tempting pleasures in light of His eternity. Heavenly Father, give us your prospective.