Euphemizing the name of God

by | Feb 3, 2014 | Manhood Series

God is holy and perfect. He has placed His name upon us who are in Christ, and His Holy Spirit indwells us.  In keeping with His Holiness, He demands that we treat His name with sacred honor.

How careful are you with the name of God? How cautious are you to refer to His character? Are His punishments or rewards a light thing for you? Too often I catch myself using expletives I’ve heard in the world without a thought to their context. Many different euphemisms have been created for the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ–from jeepers creepers to lord-y. It seems like everything related to the triumph of God has been twisted into a curse–from the Blood of Christ, to calls of damnation (making light of God’s justice), to degrading anything holy and pure. In fact, I’m hard pressed to arrive at a common cures that does not explicitly degrade God, His righteousness, His church, or Christianity. By referencing the holy in a common or crass situation, we degrade the holy. Instead, the name of God should be used to make holy what is common–and for that to happen it must be held in reverence.

Perhaps, Christian men, it’s time to rethink our use of expletives entirely. What’s the point? Loosing self control and uttering a stream of words that makes the holy crass is certainly not an example of strength. Perhaps the opposite is true. Maybe silence is the stronger sign of courage when you’re in a tough spot. Oh, I know it’s hard–I’m trying to quit myself. But Christ’s strength is with us to do what is right.

Perhaps we should also rethink our callousness to swearing in our media consumption. Aside from it’s immediate offense to God, and even if you never speak a word of what you hear, do those phrases lodge themselves in your mind? God, who observes our thought process, also commands us to be pure of heart. (Mind.)