Killing the Old Man

by | Jun 4, 2014 | Love Series

You’re powerless to fight the old, sinful man dwelling in side of you, brothers. It’s only by Christ’s killing of your sinful self that you can have new life in Christ. But often, we aren’t willing to let go of the old nature just yet.

Maybe you still find pleasure in sin–pleasure can become an idol. Or maybe you’re afraid of what the new life might look like without the old. Or maybe, you’re just angry at God.

One of the most important “Want to Want-to’s” is to hate sin, and want to die to your old self to be renewed in the image of Christ. If you’re truly saved, Christ will complete the work that he has begun of sanctifying you. And, it is your responsibility to work hard for sanctification through the power of the Holy Spirit. You were dead in your sins, and Christ made you alive; and by faith you are saved. Christ will sanctify the true Christian regardless of your cooperation, but it is your responsibility to be sanctified through the Spirit. Both/And!

Young men, give up the sinful lusts and passions of your heart that destroy your relationship with God. Forget anything this world has to offer apart from Christ. Be done with sin. Pray without ceasing that God will kill your old man and invigorate new life. It’s in personal holiness that you will find freedom, peace, joy, love, and most importantly, where you’ll most clearly see and love the beauty of Christ.