Repetition Breeds Habit

by | Jun 11, 2014 | Love Series

Young man, you aught to pay careful attention to your habits. The things you do and the way you are now will essentially drive the rest of your life. Habits are simple things, but hard to break. And the longer you’ve had them, the harder it is to change!

Sinful habits must be broken, and by the promise of God and the power of the spirit, they will be. Through the promise of sanctification, you’ll be made more and more like Christ, and you are at peace. At the same time, you MUST kill the sin in your life. The love of God demands it, and this holiness is entirely your responsibility. God is not liable for any of your sin.

Habits of holiness get less attention, but are vital replacements for the old lifestyle. Christian, God does promise to draw you near to himself, and will build a relationship through positive habits. But, you need to work today to spend time with God, to put on the armor of God, to walk in the spirit. And you’ll have to someday stand before God and vouch for your stewardship of His time.

Make change faithfully–repeat the good things. Steady as she goes. Focus on today’s troubles. Simple repetition is what breeds habit. And pray without ceasing for God’s grace in your life.