The Strength of Friendship

by | Dec 10, 2014 | Manhood Series

Men are not autonomous creatures.

Self governance is indeed a good thing, but defining your own law (as autonomous literally means) or being self-authorizing can get you into trouble. Ultimately, man’s authority is God–and our earthly authority comes from him, like sub-contractors on a job site. In addition, men aren’t self-capable; that is to say, one man can’t do everything by himself.

The greater scope of work God gave to mankind is immense: to take dominion of creation through the redemption of the Gospel, and so to be the tools of God as he implements His kingdom in the earth. But his personal call is perhaps more challenging–to live holy, obedient and godly lives through faith. Son, you can’t do either of those things without help.

Throughout the Bible, you read stories of friends who strengthened each other’s faith. They are a tool of God to sustain both your wider and personal callings.Are you developing strong fellowship? Because faith rarely succeeds without it.