Never alone is not merely an expression. It is hope, promise, and reality. It is fear and glory.

Christian, never again act like God is not with you. He knows every sin you commit in secret. Every ambitious, proud thought of your heart is laid to his full view. Every evil deed, He sees. So let your heart be ashamed of wickedness, and let the blood of Christ cleanse your sin.

But in a world where everyone else seems alienated, and you stand friendless and as alone as Athanasius, God is at your side. Never wavering, never fickle. Always working everything out for the good of those who trust in Him. When everyone has an angle, the Word is still true.

This is the beauty of the union between Christ and his church. Christian, you enjoy an intimate relationship with the Almighty Creator, as intimately as a bride-to-be knows her betrothed. (The wedding supper is still to come, and the marriage not yet consummated.)

To be a man is to stand on your own two feet. Athanasius did. As the story goes, a fellow whispered in his ear, “do you not know that the whole world is against you?” and Athanasius replied, let it be know that it is Athanasius against the world. But even the great Athanasius did not stand alone–Christ, who he was serving, stood right beside him. And that’s how a man can be strong.